Exterior photo of the Carmel Arts Council Gallery in Carmel, Indiana
Photo of the Carmel Lions Club building in Carmel, Indiana
Photograph of the sculpture outside of the Soori Gallery in downtown Carmel
Artwork Hangs on Walls in Z Gallery in Camel
Photo of a J. Seward Johnson sculpture of a man painting a picture in downtown Carmel, Indiana
Picture of a father and son sculpture by J. Seward Johnson in Carmel, Indiana
Another photo of a J. Seward Johnson sculpture of a sailor kissing his signifigant other in downtown Carmel
Photograph of a J. Seward Johnson sculpture of a man playing the violin in downtown Carmel, Indiana
Back Entrance to Indiana Design Center in Carmel
Side Angle of Center for Performing Arts in Carmel
Center for the Performing Arts in Carmel Indiana
Fountain in the middle of a roundabout in downtown Carmel, Indiana's Arts & Design District
Picture of the Soori Art Gallery and other Carmel businesses
Photograph of another J. Seward Johnson sculpture of a woman carrying groceries in downtown Carmel